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School Improvement Summary
School Improvement Plan

At Columbus Scioto 6 - 12, we are focused on the educational success of every child. Below you will find a link to our School Improvement Summary that lists strategies for improving student success and ways parents and the community can get involved in the process.

Columbus Scioto 6 - 12 School Improvement Plan


Academic Brief

Designed to meet the social, emotional and behavioral needs of students, Columbus Scioto 6-12 prepares young men and women to succeed in the goal of graduating from Columbus City Schools. Students are referred to Columbus Scioto 6-12 through a variety of avenues. As a result, students are placed in a comprehensive program planned around educational as well as behavioral goals.

All students are expected to make significant progress in each area of the program and to earn a high school diploma. The Individualized Educational Plan, (IEP), is designed by the educational team and invites full parental participation. The IEP guides each student’s individual educational and behavioral needs. Reviewed annually, the IEP for each student charts progress and outlines changing needs. The staff of Columbus Scioto 6-12 believes that blending academic excellence, sensitivity to special needs and concern for each student as a unique individual capable of attaining superior academic achievement will result in each student becoming a better citizen of our community.
Academic Support
Each student has the opportunity to participate in the following academic supports available at Columbus Scioto 6-12.
  • Participation in progress monitoring through short cycle assessments for reading and math every three weeks for each student
  • Individual Time for students with Reading and Math specialists for support (if needed)
  • Monthly Progress Reports for growth in math, reading, and behavior based on IEP goals provided for each student
  • Monthly self assessment check with point person for each student
  • BMR (Be More) plan participation to support students in goal setting for reading, math, and behavior goals
  • Consideration for participation in ACES program based on current academic status
  • Quarterly Assessment through Northwest Education Association (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) for each student in English/Language Arts and Math
Principal - Michelle Milner
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