Columbus Scioto 6-12
The academic needs of the students are met through a standardized curriculum, with adjustments based on individual need. Students are offered courses outlined to meet Columbus City Schools high school graduation requirements.  We also teach decision-making skills, cooperative play skills, anger management skills, and problem solving skills through small groups and individualized student-centered programming.  Additionally, there is a strong focus on the development of pre-vocational and occupational skills.  College and career readiness skills are emphasized in order to enable our students to enjoyably compete, once they graduate.  These skills encompass communication, interpersonal skills, work skills, mobility, self-direction, work-tolerance, and self care.

Students have access to Career Center programs and vocational training. Work-Study is an integral component of the program. The program emphasis is the transition into adulthood and independent living for all students.
Principal - Michelle Milner
614-365-6085  |   2951 S. High Street Columbus, OH 43207
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