Columbus Scioto 6-12
Electronic Devices
Due to Columbus City schools policy regarding no electronic devices being brought to school, the administrative staff at Columbus Scioto is enforcing that all students not bring any electronic devices to school. That includes tablets, Ipods, cell phones, cameras and book bags.

Parents and guardians, we ask that students do not bring these items to school so that it eliminates the potential for theft, damage or loss of these items. If cell phones or other electronic devices are brought to school they wil be confiscated in the morning and returned to the student before departing at the end of the day. Again, parents we need you to help us in this matter because the constant distraction of dealing with electronic devices is not allowing instruction to take place during the school day. If a student is asked to turn in their cell phone or electronic device and they do not comply then a parent will be notified and appropriate discipline will be enforced.
Principal - Michelle Milner
614-365-6085  |   2951 S. High Street Columbus, OH 43207
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