Columbus Scioto 6-12
Fun Activities
Columbus Scioto students participate in a behavioral modification reward program known as "Be More!" Staff and students look at the "weekly" behavior reports and determine the areas that each student needs to improve to better themselves behaviorally/academically. Then with the help of staff the students create individualized goals is monitored daily for a 2 to 3 week period. The staff/student decide on the criteria that must be met in order to receive the reward during the school day.

Students that make their reward are offered two to three opportunities during this time. Rewards have included: secret shop, open basketball, staff basketball game, movie and popcorn, computer time, dance, crafts, field day, and volleyball to name a few!

Students who do not make their goal will process with their mentor during the reward period and discuss ways to improve themselves for the next time.

This program helps students self-regulate their own behavior and also helps staff to have conversations with their students about the importance of self managing behaviors and mental health within the community and in the workplace.

The documentation collected shows each students areas of strengths and weaknesses. IEP goals and behaviors are monitored and shared at various meetings. The Be More Reward program is enjoyed by all!
Students also get to participate in field trips to the museum, library, city hall, state capital, COSI, etc. and historical and educational centers are used as incentives to motivate students to develop appropriate behavioral skills to strive for academic excellence.
Principal - Michelle Milner
614-365-6085  |   2951 S. High Street Columbus, OH 43207
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